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Acquaintances come and go as time pushes on.
They become familiar and eventually a memory.
They are like place holders in your life.
Giving you contact with the outside world.

But they lack a certain something, that would turn them into friends.
For a friend will be there for you, when you need help or picking up.
A friend is not afraid of telling you what they think,
But has enough caring not to run you over with the truth.

Friends possess a special bond that can't easily be broken by force.
Tempers flair and even erupt, releasing words that aren't even meant.
As the smoke clears and the wounds are licked, the bond draws them back together.
For the bond of friendship is like a bungee cord and can withstand a major strain.

Acquaintances are nice and necessary at times.
But life without friendship is a lonely one.
Friends are hard to spot and come in all shapes and sizes.
And when you find one, hold on tight and wait for all the surprises.

Gregory R. Sare