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On the following pages are some of my writing that I've done over the years. Most is dark or sad and some is more rambling thoughts that were put to paper, then later transferred to electronic form. I don't presume to be a writer or a poet and certainly don't seem to follow the rules of literary scholars.

Read for enjoyment and don't be too quick to judge me because of the content of my writing. I am a complex person and I exist on many different levels as you may see in my writing, from the tortured soul all the way to the elated fool.

I write to express myself when single words can not do justice to my feelings. So often it is hard to explain to someone else what it is that I am feeling.

When I write, I write to no one. I write to the person that will never see the words. When I write like this, it comes from the heart and doesn't become tailor fit for a target audience. In doing so, some people find it hard to follow while others seem to make a connection. Which ever category you seem to fall into while reading, please remember that these words all come from me and my different levels.